Products – 2011


 List for 2011


No. Product Researcher/s Faculty/RA e-mail Contact No Picture
1 Smart Industrialised Building System(Smart IBS)

PM Dr. Ahmad Mahir Bin Makhtar

FKA / 075531501   
2 Halal Verification

Dr. Muhammad Zaly Shah Bin Muhammad Hussein 07-553 7348 To be update 



3 Power Light TNB Substation

Prof. Ir. Dr. Sheikh Hussain Bin Shaikh Salleh

FKE 07-5505008/019-7711066 To be update
4 Computerised Mobile Workstation    




-production of paper from pineapple leaves
PM Dr Wan Aizan Wan Abd Rahman FKK w.aizan@fkkksa, 017-7669107  
-from pineapple waste into degradable plastic composite.
7 A New HAS Lightning Air Terminal And HAS Stand Support Prof. Dr. Hussein AhmadDr. Muhammad Abu Bakar Sidik FKEFKE 019-7781754014-3816768;
8 Anti‐ Theft Grounding System For Industrial Application Prof. Dr. Hussein Ahmad FKE 019-7781754
9 TAJMA e-Psybermatrix

Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohd Tajudin Bin Md. Ninggal / 075530500
10 Q-swith Nd:YAG laser

Prof. Dr. Noriah Bidin

FS 019-7340740
11 SEER-SAG – An earthquake monitoring system that utilizes a satellite for sending its information or data to related party

Prof. Dr. Azlan Adnan

FKA / 07-5531695/019-7551665
12 PBWA (Portable Broadband Wireless Access) System

Prof. Dr. Tharek bin Abd Rahman

FKE 07-5535305/017-3385588
13 Cross Language Plagiarism Detection Tool Using Fuzzy-Swarm Summarization And Data Fusion

Prof Dr Naomie Bt Salim

FSKSM 07-5532208/019-7623624
14 Stress Profiling

Dr. Faizah Ghani

FP 019-7710249