Company Name & Address (Room No) Nature of Business Manager & Contact Person Mobile No Office Phone & Fax Email & Website
Building Manager – UTM ICC

Commercialisation of UTM’s R&D Norliza, Hafizah 07-559-1522/ 1550/1520/1511 managers@icc.utm.my, utmicc@yahoo.comwww.icc.utm.my
NI Solution – No.208 Industry Centre, Technovation Park, UTM 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor IT Supply Nik Mohd. HabibullahAl-Fattah 013-7448382019-9218793 07-5566013 habib@nisolution.com.my,www.nisolution.com.my
JSW Plastics Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd, Room No Shukur Shazali 012-7165430 07-5543637 rozita@jswpmm.com.my
Geo Aset , Room No Consultancy – GIS PM. Dr. Buang Alias 019-7409000 07-5566058 buang@icc.utm.mybuang@utm.my
UTSB, Room No Consultancy Hafizi/Zalifah 07-5581990 enhafizi@yahoo.comzalifahmb@hotmail.com
Kemtronik Sales & ServiceRoom 205, Industry Centre Building Networking/IT Supply Pn Saripah Gamar Binti Mohd 012-7173729 07-5582815/07-5591533(F)07-5544860 admin@kemtronik.net.mysaripah@kemtronik.net.my


Norzam Architect, Room No Architecture Consultancy 07-5585251, 5588979 norzamarkitek@yahoo.com, norzamarchitect@gmail.com
Sparkle Precision Sdn Bhd, Room No 5591542, 5591543 Spsb_pre@streamyx.com
Reelbrite Industries (M) S/B Electroplating Mohd Erfan 012-7784551 5540867 sales@reelbrite.com
Metalux Oil Analysis Sdn BhdRoom 110A & 110B

Industry Centre, Room No

Lubricant Testing for Machinery Condition Monitoring Winnie Ho 5566168 Winnie@metalux.com.sgcbmxpress@metalux.com.my

W: www.metalux.com.my

CCA System Sdn Bhd, Room No Prof Dato’ Dr Abu Azam Md. Yassin